We are a leading and exclusive distributor of water supply equipment, electricity, cement, automation, industrial, agricultural, HVAC, … genuine, competitive prices from hundreds of partners. Years of experience in manufacturing and distributing products to many countries and regions around the world.

We commit to long-term warranty with quality service, professional service meet international standards. With the variety of types and manufacturers, we can fully meet all requirements of partners with the most appropriate price.


As introduced, we specialize in distribution of materials, equipment for water, electricity, agricultural industry … Products and services that WORLD SAI GON equipment includes:

  • Valves for water supply and wastewater: Gate valves, check valve, penstock, pressure valve, butterfly valve, air release valve …
  • Actuator: Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • Clean water pump, waste water, fire, fuel
  • DI pipe, steel pipe, HDPE pipe, fiberglass, uPVC …
  • Domestic and industrial flow meters: mechanical meter, electromagnetic meter, ultrasonic meter
  • Energy meters in heating systems, cooling systems
  • Storage devices – data transfer, automation
  • Water quality monitoring equipment
  • Equipment – Leakage detection service, water loss prevention
  • Equipment – underground detection services
  • Solutions – Water treatment equipment: Salt water treatment, waste water, domestic water
  • Construction of water supply and drainage system, environmental monitoring


SAI GON EQUIPMENT WORLD CORPORATION staff are young, enthusiastic, open, friendly, professional and especially dedicated to the profession. We always stick and spirit unity as the foundation for the sustainable development of SEW CORP.

In order to operate successfully and achieve the high efficiency we have today, we value the experience and skill of our employees. Not to stop there, our staff also cultivated in terms of professional ethics because above all, the purpose of the SEW CORP is the right and satisfaction of customers.

We are working hard every day to build a SEW CORP image on a more professional, towards the rights and interests of customers and is always where all customers can be trust.

Sincerely thanks for the attention of customers have always trusted and accompany SEW CORP.